Our Mission

Dynamic Energy Strategies, LLC works with companies, organizations and individuals who are driving the revolution to a global clean energy economy by advancing energy efficiency and clean energy technologies.  DES offers a full range of services from policy development and advocacy to communications and fundraising, and brand and campaign development and management.

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Our Approach

Dynamic Energy Strategies, LLC, Principal and Partners have been working together for decades at the intersection of policy, business and technology and their successes help to build the foundation upon which the new world energy order is now emerging. The DES team is adept at building lasting partnerships and works hard to assure their clients meet their goals in a timely and efficient manner. 

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Our Bona Fides

The Dynamic Energy Strategies team is recognized across the nation and around the world for decades of work in advancing energy efficiency, clean energy technologies and electric modes of transportation. DES Principal, Kateri Callahan, has had an impact on every major piece of energy and environmental legislation in the U.S. since 1990. And, Callahan and partners have chartered and created non-profit organizations and coalitions; award-winning advertising campaigns; state, regional, national and international conferences; and successful policy advocacy campaigns. Through this journey, the team has built, and earned the respect and trust of a global network of thought leaders, policy makers, business leaders and environmentalists working in the climate and clean energy arena.

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Next Steps...

Start winning today! Call or write Dynamic Energy Strategies, LLC to explore how you can take your place as a leader in today’s new energy world order.